Harnessing San Diego’s Solar Power

We can help you harness the sun’s energy and convert it to electricity by installing a photovoltaic (PV) solar power system on your property.  PV solar power is now more affordable and reliable than ever before.

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Save Money With San Diego Solar Power

Countless San Diego households are now saving money with solar power. Free yourself from the burden of a monthly electricity bill.  Mohler Solar can design and install a PV solar energy system that reduces or completely eliminates your monthly electricity bill.

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With San Diego Solar Power

Many San Diego households and businesses have reduced their carbon footprint with solar power.  The electricity produced by many utilities comes from burning fossil fuels, which have been proven to release carbon dioxide into the environment.

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San Diego Solar Power is Here to Stay

In the past few years, solar power energy has become a more realistic and affordable option for San Diego residents.  Among renewables, solar energy continues to grow in terms of actual installations and overall awareness.  Nowadays, you are hard-pressed to drive down any street in San Diego without seeing at least one house with solar panels on its roof.



San Diego: #1 City for Solar Power

When it comes to San Diego solar power, local residents are in luck. A report released by the Environment California Research & Policy Center in 2012 ranks San Diego as the number one spot in terms of projects installed and megawatt capacity.

Owing to its perfect combination of ample sunshine and state incentives, San Diego has remained a prime spot to reap the benefits of solar power.




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Remember, the Federal Government has a 30% Solar Tax Rebate that will put even more money back in to your pocket. Help save the environment and save some money in the process with Mohler Solar.

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