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Comprehensive San Diego Solar Installation Services

Installing solar panels on your San Diego home or business is not as difficult as you may think. In fact, once all of the necessary paperwork and permits are in order, Mohler Solar can have your new solar power system installed within a week’s time.

Our comprehensive solar installation services ensure you will have a seamless transition to solar energy. We handle everything for you, including obtaining the necessary permits that the city of San Diego requires.

Solar Permits and Zoning for San Diego County

At Mohler Solar, we handle every aspect of your solar installation. With extensive experience as San Diego solar installers, we will handle all logistical issues, including drawing up the structural plans and electric diagrams, working with your utility company to install the appropriate meter that credits your account, and delivering your professionally created plans to the correct department within San Diego’s local government.

We Maintain the Integrity of Your Roof

Once the groundwork has been laid, we work with licensed and professional roofers to make sure that your new roof mounted solar panel system will not cause any leaks in the future. This is important, because your new solar panels and the inverters are warrantied by the manufacturer for 10 to 25 years. We make sure that the roofing area under the new solar install is free from leaks.

Roof During Solar Installation

Some companies will simply cut small holes in tile roofs and attach the support brackets without doing a proper assessment of the roof. Mohler Solar has professional and licensed roofers remove the tile roofs in the area where your new solar panels will go, so that we can attach the support brackets to the support beams. This will ensure the stability and longevity of your roof-mounted solar panels.

Roof After Solar Installation

Once we have attached all of the solar panel support hardware onto the roof, we apply flashing and weather sealers to make sure that no water finds it’s way into your roof structure. Then, we apply a new layer of weather-proofing “paper” on this section of your roof before we replace your roofing tiles. In essence, you have a brand new roof underneath your new solar panel installation.

Durable and Affordable San Diego Solar Installation

Mohler Solar goes above and beyond when installing your solar panels. We take all steps necessary to ensure that your new solar energy system will be durable and long lasting.

In the case of asphalt roofs, this extra step of placing a new layer of weather-proofing is not always necessary. We still use the flashing and sealing techniques that are mandated by the county and city permitting authorities.

Our services are comprehensive, and our installation costs are still less expensive than most of our competitors on a cost-per-kilowatt basis. We’ve helped many San Diego households protect the investment of their solar panels with our unmatched installation techniques.
Our in-depth knowledge of solar panel installation allows us to see the “big picture,” so we can anticipate and identify any issues that may arise further down the road.

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