Installing Solar Panels in San Diego

Installing Solar Panels in San Diego

If you’re thinking about installing solar panels on your San Diego home, the process may seem a bit overwhelming. In addition to being a large financial investment, there are many things to consider when planning your San Diego solar panel installation.

From solar financing loans to choosing the right equipment for your home, our helpful guide will put your worries aside and get you ready to go solar in San Diego.

Things To Consider When Installing Solar Panels in San Diego:

Solar Panel Manufacturers

There are many companies that make solar panels and related equipment, but not all are created equal. For a solid investment, be sure to use solar panels from reputable manufacturers, like LG Solar, Panasonic, Hyundai, or Helios Solar Works.

Mohler Solar uses only the highest-quality equipment when installing solar panels on your San Diego home or business, many of which come with warranties of up to 25 years. In the long run, high-quality solar panels will provide you with increased efficiency and durability, and they are typically easier to install.

Financing your San Diego Solar Panel Installation

Don’t have enough up-front cash or equity to fund your solar panel installation? Don’t have perfect credit? No problem! With a variety of flexible programs available, homeowners are in luck when it comes to San Diego solar financing options.

Mohler Solar works with lenders who have crafted financing programs that are specifically designed to help homeowners install solar power systems in San Diego. Some of these loan options offer rates starting at 4.9%, and they even accept FICO scores as low as 650.

In addition to solar financing programs, don’t forget that the Federal Government is offering a 30% tax credit (until 2016) for homeowners who have installed solar energy systems.

Obtaining Solar Permits From The County Of San Diego

When planning your San Diego solar panel installation, keep in mind that you’ll need to obtain the necessary permits. Regulated by the San Diego Zoning Ordinance, you will need to supply the following information to the county in order to obtain a permit: zoning, building, cost, and timeline.

Fortunately, Mohler Solar will assist you every step of way, from drawing up the structural plans to obtaining the proper permits, allowing you to have a hassle-free transition to solar power.

Ready to go solar? Contact us today to get started on your San Diego solar panel installation.